Today’s employee spotlight is on Brannon Young.

Brannon has been working for us for two years now, and he is one of Cash For Whatever’s top performers. Brannon always treats his customers with the utmost respect, and the other day a customer wanted to tell us about.  She expressed her gratitude towards Brannon via email, and we highlighted some of it below:

“While I understand these are all likely a part of his daily duties, the manner in which he carried them out made all the difference in the world to me. Life hit me very hard following a major health change and I am still working daily to catch up to a normal life. Needing a loan doesn’t feel great. Having help from someone that respects the situation and your time matters.

Thank you for having such a great person on staff. And thank you Brannon! You had no idea the day I was having and I’m still having. It’s the little things that count. Much success in your future.”

Keep up the good work Brannon! We’re so happy you’re a part of our team!

Brannon is a 35 year old father of three children. He graduated with honors from Triton College with an AA in music technology. He has been a musician/keyboardist for over 25 years. He enjoys traveling, producing music, geography and playing with the kiddos. He is recently married.